【Niji】Rainbow School original brand

  • Herb tea
  • Natural dyed bamboo cotton
  • Natural broom
  • Yukata experience
  • Eco Tour (In progress)

[Niji] Rainbow School’s original brand offers products are made with the gift from the nature, culture and tradition from our local area. Purposes of sales are thus below,

  • Management and building construction for new school and dormitory
  • Support children to receive higher education
  • Employment of indigenous villagers
  • Contribution to maintenance and development of traditional and cultural values
  • Health improvement

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We make a range of herbal teas from our local wild and organic herbs. These herbs are traditionally used as a medicine among the mountain indigenous people. Enjoy our organic herbal teas at home.


We have 5 kinds of herbal teas and turmeric. The health benefits are below.


1. Moringa: Hyperglycemia, inflammation, joint pain, ulcer, antioxidant, cancer prevention, anti-allergy, blood pressure control, neurosis control, hormone control, etc.


2. Bael Fruits: Digestion, colitis, heart tonic, cancer prevention, cold, tonsillitis, sinusitis, infection, rhinitis, relaxing, constipation, diarrhea, bowel action.


3. Thai Bay Leaf: Antipyretic, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, diarrhea, antibacterial, anti-allergic, hypertension, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease, low back pain, myalgia, arthralgia, relaxation, cancer prevention, stroke, dementia, etc.


4.Tadehagi:Lung disease, dysentery, pharyngitis, hepatitis, nephritis, enteritis, antipyretic, detoxification, back pain, parasite, increased appetite, oil decomposition, stool, infant malnutrition, rheumatoid arthritis, hematuria, whooping cough, asthma, morning sickness, etc.


5.Lemon Grass:Digestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, antibacterial, bactericidal, fatigue, headache, fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, heartburn, constipation, swelling, hypertension, anemia prevention, antioxidant action, cancer prevention, dementia prevention, insect repellent, mental Fatigue, relaxation, increased concentration


6.Turmeric:Colds, intestinal inflammation, bronchitis, digestive disorders, intestinal disorders, suppression of inflammation, constipation, liver protection, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, heart failure, cerebral infarction, antioxidant action, dementia, Alzheimer’s, anticancer

** It is advised that the effects depends on individual health conditions. However it is believed that these teas have demonstrated the effectiveness among the mountain indigenous people. We note that the effects cannot be entirely guaranteed.

If you have low blood pressure, please be careful not to drink Moringa and Thai Bay Leaf too much as it will lower your blood pressure.

Our products are 100% organic, harvested from our local area. Each tea has subtle sweetness and is easy to drink. It is recommended that you can make your own tea by blending several herbs to your taste.


The price does not include postage.


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Natural dyed products (Bamboo clothes x plants colorants)


Rainbow school offers a range of natural dyed products with bamboo clothes coloured from plant sources. From dying to sewing, our children and staff are involved with the production process. We are hoping to collaborate with our villagers in the future.


The price list

●Fundoshi (Japanese underwear)    300B/a piece

●Handkerchief                                        100B/a piece.

                                                                    250B/3 piece

●Set Tenugui (Japanese cloth).         200B/a piece.

                                                                    550B/3 piece set

¥1800/a piece ¥400/a piece

¥1000/3 piece set ¥800/a piece

¥2000/3 piece set


Dr. Ryohei Mimito who is the director of Mimoto hospital in Japan has become well known for treating burns by wearing Fundoshi. He also found that pressurising the body by a rubber band used in underwear could be the very cause of various diseases.


Wearing Fundoshi helps better blood circulation and could improve constipation, cold feet and hands, shoulder pain and quality of sleep.

Some people are loving wearing this super underwear.


Niji brand’s dyed products offer soft texture of bamboo clothes and gentle colours derived from natural plants, upgrading your daily life with relaxation and wellbeing.

We recommend these products as a gift for your loved ones.

Please have a try.


Please message us on Facebook/Line/Instagram for your order. The price does not include postage.

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We also produce handmade natural broom for sale.


Under Mrs. Narawat’s direction, we go through a whole process of making, from picking up the plants, preparation and sewing.


When the plants for the broom bloom the flowers in January, our children go to the mountain to pick them up. They bring their lunch as it is a day long job, walking for a long distance. When the plants are dried out under the sun, we bat them on the floor to take off all the powdered pollens. Then follows endless work of cutting off the useful parts into the same length in the shade. When we gather plenty of them, we finally sew them together to make a broom.


It is a difficult work for little ones as it requires detailed and effortful attention. Children over 12 years old learn from Mrs. Nawarat step by step so that they can master the skill. OK, one of our boys was so good that he learnt it very quickly.


This time-consuming handmade broom cleans wherever it needs tidy floors with soft touch. Please try it!



– Large Broom 100B

– Small Broom 200B (Small one can be used for a table broom or for kids use)


Every December, we hold a workshop when our children teach how to make a small broom in Bangkok.


Please join our workshop if you are in Bangkok. (Workshop fee 100B/per work)

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Yukata is a Japanese evening gown. Rainbow school offers rental Yukata, workshop on how to wear it and photo shooting at this extraordinary Thai rural location. Our children will guid you through the experience. The profit is contributed to children’s daily and education fees.


Because Rainbow school is managed by a Japanese couple, we would like to offer some Japanese cultural experience to our guests and neighbours, which eventually supports children financially. 


The price range starts from 200B. 

Please make a reservation when you visit the school.

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We are currently planning to offer Eco Tour in near future, in which you are invited to spend some time in the forest with the indigenous people, exploring survival skills and life with the nature. After receiving many interests and queries, we are in process of making a forest stay tour for visitors. We will inform you once we can offer as a service.

Please message us on Facebook/Line/Instagram for your order.