We always appreciate your kind donation and contribution.

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We would like to list goods that help sustain our school life below:


Vegetables, fruits, eggs, dried fish, garlic, onions, chillies, canned food, beans, noodles, preserved dried food, etc


Children’s book, encyclopaedia, manga, literature etc

Daily products

Please kindly contact us for what we need

We appreciate not to donate stuffed dolls and plastic toys, however tools such as scissors, paper cutter, sewing kits and saw are appreciated as children can create their own toys and dolls, facilitating their imagination and creation.

Cash donation is always welcomed for management and construction fees of Rainbow School. These are paid for food, bills, education and wages for our staff as well as material fees for constructing our new buildings.


The bank details is below.

Bank transfer from abroad.

Bank: Sony bank

Store number: 001

Account Number: 5220409

Name: Tomoko Kataoka

Bank transfer within Thailand.

Bank: Krung Thai Bank

Store : Sangkhlaburi

Account Number: 980-6-13736-1

Name: Tomoko Kataoka

PayPal transfer


** If you make donation, we appreciate if you could contact us please. We would like to send you a thank you card and new year greeting.

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Thank you very much for your donation and contribution.