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Rainbow School is a boarding school for young vulnerable children from the local tribes in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Here on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, we live and study, exploring and practicing balanced ways of living learning from nature and technology. We opened in 2008 and registered as an official learning centre recognized by the Thai government in 2014, which has allowed children to complete the primary school curriculum after 6 years of study. After graduating, some of the students go onto further education at the nearby schools, continuing living in Rainbow School. We are fully committed to support these vulnerable children for life and study opportunities as well as helping them gain their ID.

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[Niji] Rainbow School’s original brand offers products are made with the gift from the nature, culture and tradition from our local area. Purposes of sales are thus below

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We would like to list goods that help sustain our school life below:


Vegetables, fruits, eggs, dried fish, garlic, onions, chillies, canned food, beans, noodles, preserved dried food, etc


Children’s book, encyclopaedia, manga, literature etc

Daily products

Please kindly contact us for what we need

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Information for volunteering at Rainbow School

We would always like to have you stay for volunteering at Rainbow School.
Some of works you could help are below;

Assisting lessons

Thai, English, Japanese, math, social study, PE, technology, etc

Some specialist sessions on biology and art

(Music, fine art and dance). We don’t have teachers who can teach these subjects yet.

Play with children

You are welcome to share plays and sports you know with us


Rice cultivation, land making and compost making
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